Apr. 12th, 2008

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So onward to another post about another day. Don't worry, only this one and another one left ;) Sorry this one took so long, work got in the way.

Things are getting fuzzier the further I move away from the weekend, but I'll try my best - I left out a bit from the post about Friday, that we had a chat with Sam as Voni was escorting her out of the room! She remembered us as the Irish girls from Chicago which was cool, and looked about ready to start into a long chat but she had to go :(

Anyways, Saturday… not gonna go into all the panels in detail, mostly ‘cause I can’t remember them and they’re all out there to read anyway, but I have a few pics and a quick vid of Jim saying his idgit line. I'm about as eloquent as...an un-eloquent thing (see?), and this report is all "like" and "he said she said" but bear with me. I won't go through everything, just thoughts on it all and things that other people may not have.

Panels: Jim, Roadhouse, Sandy, Gabe + some photos & vid of Jim. )

Autographs: Gabe, Sandy, Sam, Chad, Alona. )

Photo Op and Autographs with Jim. )

Banquet, inclusing horrible dinner with Chad and CRAZYCAKES!!! )

Platinum Party & Steve's concert. )

Sunday's post will be coming soon, I promise. And then you're rid of me ;) Well...talking about EyeCon...


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