Apr. 14th, 2008

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So here we are, the last day. Took me forever to get to it, been a busy bee these past few days. I'll try to remember as much as I can, 'cause it's pretty much all gone now!

Our Sunday morning encounter with Jim. )

Jared's panel. )

Jared's photo op, Hunters photo op, my encounter with Jim. )

Roadhouse photo op, Jared's autograph and a bit o' Sandy and Jim. )

Bumming around at the end of it all: encounter with Sandy and Jim again!! )

It was such a great weekend, with so many memories about the great guests and of course all the people I met. It was great seeing those of you who I haven't seen since Chicago - we will meet again! I have to say, EyeConw as most definitely worth it - worth the jet lag, worth the money, (almost) worth the horrible airport security that makes me fear for my life HAHAHAHA. We had such a relaxed weekend, it wasn't that rushed on Sunday either, we had loads of time with the guests and they obviously felt comfortable enough to hang around, and that all meant that we had time to hang with our friends! So it was an all round good time, hiccups aside. So well done Kenny, Voni, Dizzy, Froggy and everyone else involved.

And here endeth the Eyeconage According to Jen.


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