May. 29th, 2008

jenniebellie: (SPN Boys Demon Blood/Hell)
So I’ve been thinking about this since the season three finale of SPN, and I’m sure other people have, but I come bearing sick visual aids *ev0l grin*

I am unsure whether to cut for spoilers or not, as it's been two weeks so COME ON catch up. So I'm gonna be anal and annoying and cut words which some people might consider spoilery, and I'll cut for length too.

OK Dean at the end of the finale? ) SO influenced by Clive Barker and his twisted twisted mind. I ADORE Barker, did my thesis on him – particularly his use of sex and violence in horror, but that’s beside the point. The guy can only be described as having a twisted and freakish mind, and I love him for it. I just wish he would get back to writing horror. GOOD horror, I should add.

ANYWAY, there’s just something that reminded me of Barker, specifically a trope he tends to use a lot much like that used in the season finale. )

Exhibit A: Hellraiser )

Exhibit B: Tortured Souls )

I know, they’re not exactly the same LOL, but these images are what I was thinking about when I saw Dean that way ) Ruby wasn't exactly lying was she! Thought I’d share :D


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