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Howdy y’all, I’m home! Got in before nine this morning and have somehow managed to stay awake. But the intarwebz in making me sreepy, so I may have to vacate soon. I will cut though; it's not too long but ya know ;)

OH MY GOD I love EyeCon. SO so soooooooooooo much!! Few bumps and hiccups, but it was Kenny and Voni’s first con and I think they did really well. Few things for them to consider changing for the next one – whether that’s September or next year – but all in all I had a great time!

It was so much more relaxed than Chicago, there was much more to do, the guests were roaming ‘round mingling with everyone (bar Jared, of course) and apart from a crazy fan or two the majority of people, guests and fans alike, seemed to have a great time.

I’m not gonna go into a huge big SQUEEEEE spiel atm, ‘cause I’m wrecked and I can’t function. But I’ll say that everyone was so great – I loved seeing my girls again ♥ but am so annoyed at myself for not finding people on my flist! [ profile] crackedbuthappy I actually SAW your Hunters photo op and thought it was hilarious and didn’t even cop on that that was you!!! I’m such and idiot. I was kinda walking ‘round like a zombie all weekend though, jetlag’s a bitch, so I didn’t notice anyone so if I blanked you or was rude to you I’m so sorry! [ profile] prettyfreckles, I didn’t know what happened before I set off to the States, I hope you’re doing OK and that you still had a good time ♥

My camera sucks completely so there’s only a few shots that came out well. Which is why it’s a good thing that my girl Dee had a super-powered camera of ultimate cool and got some great shots so HUZZAH, I can still oogle those. I’ll see if I can salvage a few shots for my next post, m’kay?

Ash? Not hot. Chad? HAWT!!! Skinny, hot, surprisingly tall. Yeah, it does it for me every time. He is so funny, and his laughs are infectious. Alona is impossibly thin and just so pretty. Bitter about SPN though, understandably. She wanted Jo to be a kick ass hunter, the female equivalent to Dean and she was basically changed into a prissy bitch which she didn’t like. I actually would like her to come back, in the way she wants Jo to be…if you get me LOL. Sam is fantastic as ever; didn’t get to chat much to her but God she’s great! Gabe is ADORABLE!!! He’s about the same height as me, but he seems so tiny LOL That’s terrible to say. But he’s so sweet and works the crowd so well and is just so naturally funny, as everyone there was actually.

Sandy is just so WONDERFUL!!! She and Jared are so impossibly in love that I’m amazed and jealous at the same time. She was so nervous but she was perfect, a humour that just presented itself so clearly, even through her nerves. Jared is GORGEOUS!!!! Every time I see him (all two times XD ) he just gets even better. He called me babe HAHAHAH clearly he was jetlagged. Even though it was a flying visit, he still managed to give so much in such a short space of time. I know there were people left out or didn’t feel they got enough time, but he’s on a schedule. And it’s for our amazing show, so I’m good with that. But yeah, I guess I’m saying that because I got a good experience and I know it’d be different if I didn’t. But hey, I was disappointed with Chicago, so meh. Oh and Jared in person + Latin = SECKS.

Last, but definitely NOT least, the highlight of my weekend guest-wise, Jim. Jim Jim Jim. I love Jim, he’s just such a wonderful human being. So funny and wry and NORMAL! I know that’s weird, but yeah, just a great guy who can’t comprehend why so many people like him. It’s ‘cause you’re AWESOME Jim hehehe. I love that he said ‘cocksucker’ in an Irish accent for us.

I have more to tell about my awesome weekend of awesome. Highlights include Chad and myself attempting to grow mullets by staring at something really really hard. The Guitar Heroes that are Chad and Gabe. Ireland #1 and Ireland #2. Jim’s reaction to the Hunter’s photoshoot. Ten Inch Hero and its owning of my soul (expect part of the end – booooo). Sandy and her unbelievably sweet chocolatey fix. The light of the weekend that was Dizzy. Wow, that’s the weekend in a nutshell. But I really gotta jet before I fall asleep on my keypad and end up writing a load of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs

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