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So here we are, the last day. Took me forever to get to it, been a busy bee these past few days. I'll try to remember as much as I can, 'cause it's pretty much all gone now!

Our Sunday morning encounter with Jim. )

Jared's panel. )

Jared's photo op, Hunters photo op, my encounter with Jim. )

Roadhouse photo op, Jared's autograph and a bit o' Sandy and Jim. )

Bumming around at the end of it all: encounter with Sandy and Jim again!! )

It was such a great weekend, with so many memories about the great guests and of course all the people I met. It was great seeing those of you who I haven't seen since Chicago - we will meet again! I have to say, EyeConw as most definitely worth it - worth the jet lag, worth the money, (almost) worth the horrible airport security that makes me fear for my life HAHAHAHA. We had such a relaxed weekend, it wasn't that rushed on Sunday either, we had loads of time with the guests and they obviously felt comfortable enough to hang around, and that all meant that we had time to hang with our friends! So it was an all round good time, hiccups aside. So well done Kenny, Voni, Dizzy, Froggy and everyone else involved.

And here endeth the Eyeconage According to Jen.

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So onward to another post about another day. Don't worry, only this one and another one left ;) Sorry this one took so long, work got in the way.

Things are getting fuzzier the further I move away from the weekend, but I'll try my best - I left out a bit from the post about Friday, that we had a chat with Sam as Voni was escorting her out of the room! She remembered us as the Irish girls from Chicago which was cool, and looked about ready to start into a long chat but she had to go :(

Anyways, Saturday… not gonna go into all the panels in detail, mostly ‘cause I can’t remember them and they’re all out there to read anyway, but I have a few pics and a quick vid of Jim saying his idgit line. I'm about as eloquent un-eloquent thing (see?), and this report is all "like" and "he said she said" but bear with me. I won't go through everything, just thoughts on it all and things that other people may not have.

Panels: Jim, Roadhouse, Sandy, Gabe + some photos & vid of Jim. )

Autographs: Gabe, Sandy, Sam, Chad, Alona. )

Photo Op and Autographs with Jim. )

Banquet, inclusing horrible dinner with Chad and CRAZYCAKES!!! )

Platinum Party & Steve's concert. )

Sunday's post will be coming soon, I promise. And then you're rid of me ;) Well...talking about EyeCon...

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Right, so I managed to stay awake yesterday and actually get some sleep last night – time will only tell if I can get up for work in the morning.

So much happened this weekend, and I’m not going to go into it all because there are some things you can find at every other con report, and then there’s stuff that I’m gonna keep for myself. But I shall try and tell you some things, as well as showing you guys some of the better photos of the crap that I took :D

Long blah blah blahing about Friday, including meet&greet, Ten Inch Hero and the cocktail party. )

Anyways, I see that this has taken up a lot of room, so I might just do a day by day thing? Leave this one on it’s own. So I’ll keep posting as I try to remember :D

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Howdy y’all, I’m home! Got in before nine this morning and have somehow managed to stay awake. But the intarwebz in making me sreepy, so I may have to vacate soon. I will cut though; it's not too long but ya know ;)

Wherein I flail and squee with as much gusto as I can muster right now. )

Quick thoughts on the guests. )

I have more to tell about my awesome weekend of awesome. Highlights include Chad and myself attempting to grow mullets by staring at something really really hard. The Guitar Heroes that are Chad and Gabe. Ireland #1 and Ireland #2. Jim’s reaction to the Hunter’s photoshoot. Ten Inch Hero and its owning of my soul (expect part of the end – booooo). Sandy and her unbelievably sweet chocolatey fix. The light of the weekend that was Dizzy. Wow, that’s the weekend in a nutshell. But I really gotta jet before I fall asleep on my keypad and end up writing a load of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs


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