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I tell ya, I'm like a dog with a bone. Give me one idea and I go off on one. So, ONE FRICKIN' LINE in Supernatural 3x03 has inspired the inner crackhead icon-maker in me!

Some are like the ones I posted last night, but I just changed the colouring or whatever. And there's doubling up (you'll see under the cut) as I incorporated last and this season.

Click for Comicesque Crack. Spoiler(ish) for 3x03 )

As always, comments are love, and credit if using!


Oct. 20th, 2007 10:43 pm
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So I started playing around in PSP, and came up with some icons. Sorry [ profile] abydosww, the Sam ones are kinda crap, just different text. I got carried away by Dean lol...

CLICKY! You know you want to :P Light spoilers for 3x03 SPN )

If you have the desire to take them, please comment! And credit :P
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Okay, so this was the pic I was talking about. )

I know both [ profile] ames1010 and myself were mourning the fact that Steve and Jensen weren't standing side by side and were, indeed, separated by Jason's Hair of Doom TM. So I thought I'd play around in PSP and came up with this manip! )

Whatcha think? I also made icons :D My brain is melting because of staring at the comp screen in general so there's nothin' too fancy.

Manip icons, icons for Amy and random Priestly icons (more to come, I'm sure) )

So, there you go! Enjoy, credit if taking and please please comment 'cause I lurve you :D
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Ooops nearly forgot to do this! I made a few random icons of Dan Radcliffe and what better day to share them then on his birthday! 18 no les...mmmm...

eh anyway, here ya go, hope you likey!

Comments are love, credit a must if for some reason you want them :D

A random taster:

15 icons (1 animated) behind the cut *snip* )

and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!!!

icon love

May. 31st, 2007 11:18 pm
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*snort* I made iconzzzzz.

Fangirls shouldn't encourage me.

I have a corresponding animated Sam one if anyone wants :D

ETA: I just realised that people may wonder what this is all about, so go here for the originals!!
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Woo hoo, go me!

I'm getting the hang of this  LJ thang. Granted all I can do at the mo is comment, post and . . . ADD ICONS!! YAY!!!
I think, eventually, I will be able to do more. One can only hope. Hey niannah I posted! AND hyperlinked usernames - I think! Though I can't seem to do it on posts, dagnabit. I am well on my way though.


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