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You know, despite the popular belief that angels are either sexless or a-sexual or a mixture of both1, I bet Azriphale would love to meet Castiel...

1 A rumour circulating since 1047, when it was discovered engraved on an outhouse wall with the scrawling moniker of one A. J. Crowley
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I don't know what's with the random Supernatural spammage today, but go with it.

I hope everyone's voting on the hour, every hour for the TV_Vote Nomination Poll! Supernatural isn't in the Top 40, so it needs to be nominated to get in there. Thing is? The top nominated show will replace the lowest show on the Top 40 Ballot when it receives one hundred votes more than the lowest show on the Top 40 Ballot. As of yesterday, the top nominated show was Les Filles de Caleb (I don't know) with 33,928. Supernatural is...20th. With *cough*6086*cough* So, eh VOTE DAMMIT!!!

Also, the CW Source is doing a poll to finding out the most anticipated returning show. As I'm posting this, Supernatural is well in the lead with 4535 votes out of 5086. But we want as close to 100% as we can get so keep voting!

Really? I don't know if any of this voting stuff helps it's something for me to do while my mind wanders, BUT, hopefully it'll make some influential people sit up and listen. What's the harm, eh?

Except possible Repetitive Strain Injury from clicking...
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Well, no, not really.

BUT how about a nice cup of steaming hot random for the morning?

In the Middle Ages, scribes and monks spelled surnames they heard phonetically. One such name was Winchester. And how did they spell it?


Oh ya, mmm hmmm.


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