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Aug. 24th, 2007 05:58 pm
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So I'm sure you're sick of seeing this, as I spammed your FLists the other day when I posted it, but I thought I'd stick all the links together in one post.

This is my contribution to [livejournal.com profile] reel_spn; I chose Fight Club. If you haven't read it then pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase do :D Why? 'cause I lurrrrrrrrrve you!

Title: I am Jack’s Contusio Cerebri
Author: [livejournal.com profile] jenniebellie
Movie Adapted: Fight Club
Genre: A mixture: SPN/CWRPF crossover; Gen (Dean/Sam), Slash (J2)
Characters/Pairings: Dean and Sam (no Wincest), Jensen/Jared, mention of other CW and RL people
Rating: R for language, sex and violence – all very graphic
Word Count: 14,593
Warnings: Gratuitous sex (J2); very violent at times; swearing throughout; liberal use of movie quotes. Set post Season Two of Supernatural, so spoilers for the end of that.
Notes/Credits: This doesn’t follow the exact film narrative – it’s out of sequence and made to fit the characters – but it’s pretty much all in there. Credit and much love to my ever-fabulous beta [livejournal.com profile] niannah. Comments and reccs are love :D
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended; fair use only. Not created for profit.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

jenniebellie: (SPN Fight Club)
Oh yes, I made a soundtrack. Just random songs that have some vague connections to the fic :D

Click to download Soundtrack

Please comment if you're taking, it's only polite ;D

01 Alien Ant Farm - Flesh And Bone
I snapped your ribs made a lover
So you could share each other
Come inside, kneel

02 Bare Jr - You Blew Me Off
All or nothing
More or less
You assault me ruthlessly
Oh you're the best
You blew me off it turned me on

03 Foo Fighters - Gimme Stitches
Dress me up in stitches it's now or never
Tired of wearing black and blue
Dress me up in stitches it's now or never
Dying to get my blood on you

04 Eagles of Death Metal - I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)
I want you so hard
I want you so good
But can you trust me?
Yes, you know you could

05 David Bowie - Boys Keep Swinging
When you're a boy
Other boys check you out

06 Delorentos - Hands Off The Boy
I can't help feeling
That I don't know what's happening

07 Franz Ferdinand - Darts Of Pleasure
You are the latest contender
You are the one to remember
You are the villain who sends her
A line of dark fantastic passion
I know that you will surrender

08 Lit - My Own Worst Enemy
It's no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy
Cuz every now and then I kick the living shit out of me

09 Muse - Muscle Museum
Can you see that I am needing,
Begging for so much more,
Than you could ever give

10 Linkin Park - Bleed It Out
I've opened up these scars
I'll make you face this
I've pulled myself so far
I'll make you face this, now

11 Kane - Rattlesnake Smile
Do I look like something you can put in a fuckin' cage?!
Come over here and gimme a kiss
Yeah, I'm startin' to see
Yeah, I do believe

12 Queens of the Stone Age - Do it Again
You and me
Fit so tight
All we need
Is one more time
Can you do it again

13 Thin Lizzy - The Rocker
I am your main man if you're looking for trouble
I'll take no lip 'cause no ones tougher than me

14 The Pixies- Where Is My Mind

'I am Jack's Contusio Cerebri' fic:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three


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