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Ok I...I can't comprehend the utter selfishness of some people on this planet.

I know some of you on my FList think they know what's happening, but I'm afraid you only know half of the story. The half which has a blaring omission.

I'm not calling the other person out - I wouldn't want to be accused of calling anyone names in my own journal. So those of you who don't know what's going on just carry on.

So, I'm going to Chicago in Novemeber, as y'all know by now! And my friend and fellow Dorty Irish girl [ profile] abydosww is too. Unfortunately, there were some unforseen problems and Dee couldn't keep the room. She was devastated - it's a long fucking way from Ireland to sleep on the streets. So I offered to share my room with her, because I care about my friends and would never see her stranded. She had to cancel the room and informed her roommate (yes, she INFORMED HER ROOMMATE TWO MONTHS IN ADVANCE OF THE CON). There's plenty of people out there looking for roommates, so Dee knew it would be easy for her roommate to find a room.

But, of course, this girl isn't known for her selflessness and understanding of her fellow man. The first thing she says is "where will I stay", never saying she's sorry for Dee's troubles, is everything ok, whatever. So clearly, she was just using Dee for her room. So she bitched and moaned at Dee, made it all about her. Basically saying that Dee cancelled the room to be with friends, that she did this to hurt her in some way.

Grow. The fuck. Up.

This was something out of her hands. But, again of course, this person decided to post about the situation. She painted Dee as some evil bitch who intentionally left her stranded; she never informed those who read the post(s) that it was because of financial difficulties that Dee couldn't keep the room. She (more than) implied that she was selfish and heartless.

Her argument is that she didn't name Dee, therefore it wasn't bitching? Load of cock. Because bad mouthing her and NOT naming her is worse - she didn't leave it open for Dee to state her case, just let everyone rally around poor her, giving her hugs and sending bad vibes to Dee.

She thinks that Dee could have just handed over the room reservation, which, of course, is not possible. And, to be honest, no it's not up to Dee to find her a new roomie - Dee was gracious enough to help her out with a room in the first place. As I said, there's plenty of roomies out there. Everything in this day and age is subject to change.

So, that's the story. The truth. Any questions, ask. But really, you'd think that someone would have the heart and compassion to be worried about her fellow man.


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