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Ok, so I was going to post this on Friday, just like this call to protest at [ profile] innocence_jihad suggests. But I thought, feck it, I'm doing it now.

Two cards for [ profile] spn_secretpost as a reaction to recent events.

FICTIONAL characters, FICTIONAL events to be taken lightly.

The purge... )


May. 23rd, 2007 11:16 pm
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Ok so can you tell I was on a plane last week!? This is for [profile] ora_vivawho inspired and entertained on that flight :)

It's for an old skool ep, Phantom Traveler. Also, there's a nod to Asylum. Enjoy the stupidness.
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Seriously, I have to get some sleep.

See the rest of my cards here!
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Yeah, you heard me...

Heh, so this is just a stupid random little secretpost, but I couldn't pass it up!

Screenshot from Hollywood Babylon!

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Right, don't worry, hopefully I won't only be posting postcards now that I'm free from college! It's just goooood to have time to make them again!

This one was inspired by/based on [profile] niannah's beautiful fic, The Only Stop On The Road.

We were talking the other day about how they never expanded on John/Ellen in Supernatural, and definitely killed any possibilities when it turns out he, ya know, killed her husband! This is just what I think happened between them. With a bit of angst thrown in!

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I'm soooo tired, too much brainpower used up these past few weeks. But I'm free now, so of course the first steps are peruse LJ and make an spn_secretpost!!

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Well, two more for the spn_secret post. I was feeling very creative this morning!

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I've been MIA from the spn_secretpost for a few days, so thought I'd check in with a few more!

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My creative abilities, imagination and brain power seems to be directed to making more secret postcards! Essays shall be quiet for the moment.

Three more cards - two demon-related and one kinda related to wee!Dean!!!!

I loooove feedback, so do comment!

All my cards can be found here in my spncard tags page!

Link to the post on spn_secretpost - I finally found fanfic that people comment on!!
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I thought I had run out of ideas. I was wrong.
Chock full of Dean, Sam, Mary and a Reaper/Demon for good measure!!

Please comment if you like what you see! Or not, I'll try and defend my honour.

As always, you can find the rest of my cards here.
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I can't stop. I keep taking photos so I can make them into spncards!!!! I've a problem. But a fun one!
So here's three more - a tad angsty methinks!

Sizes are a bit mad, hope they load!!

And if you wanna see more of my cards go here!

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Ok, another spn secret, had to post it before I left for college!!!

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Title says it all really.[ profile] spn_secretpost is an addictive comm, all details are here. There is some really amazing artwork going on there!
My stuff is really basic (still playing around with paint shop pro!!!) but I thought I'd post them nontheless!! Just hope they load properly!!

My first attempt!! )


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