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You know, despite the popular belief that angels are either sexless or a-sexual or a mixture of both1, I bet Azriphale would love to meet Castiel...

1 A rumour circulating since 1047, when it was discovered engraved on an outhouse wall with the scrawling moniker of one A. J. Crowley
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So I’ve been thinking about this since the season three finale of SPN, and I’m sure other people have, but I come bearing sick visual aids *ev0l grin*

I am unsure whether to cut for spoilers or not, as it's been two weeks so COME ON catch up. So I'm gonna be anal and annoying and cut words which some people might consider spoilery, and I'll cut for length too.

OK Dean at the end of the finale? ) SO influenced by Clive Barker and his twisted twisted mind. I ADORE Barker, did my thesis on him – particularly his use of sex and violence in horror, but that’s beside the point. The guy can only be described as having a twisted and freakish mind, and I love him for it. I just wish he would get back to writing horror. GOOD horror, I should add.

ANYWAY, there’s just something that reminded me of Barker, specifically a trope he tends to use a lot much like that used in the season finale. )

Exhibit A: Hellraiser )

Exhibit B: Tortured Souls )

I know, they’re not exactly the same LOL, but these images are what I was thinking about when I saw Dean that way ) Ruby wasn't exactly lying was she! Thought I’d share :D
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Wow, OK so THAT took me forever. I faffed about with some programs and they made the files HUGE which meant uploading was a nightmare. But I fixed it, and I rock now. God Bless the high speed connection in work eh?

What are you on about? I hear you cry. Well, for those who want the avi files of the vids from the Ghostfacers site, I've finally got 'em!

As before, there's links to each vid and a link to them all together in a zip. Snag, comment, enjoy!

Ghostfacers: The Pilot

Ed & Harry

What scares you?

What does team mean to you?

What skills are needed to FACE ghosts?

What about Sam and Dean?

Kenny Spruce: Shamonologist

Hell Hazers Movie Trailer

All videos in one .zip

Link to mpeg-4 files

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This took longer than expected, 'cause my comp and intarwebz are so slow uploading. Soooo I took it into work and did it lickity spilt.

Behind the cut are the videos from the CW website connected to last week's SPN episode.
It's barely a week gone, so I'm still cutting for spoilers, just in case :P )

Let me know if you're snagging. Enjoy!

EDIT: Link to avi files

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Supernatural picked up for fourth season

First things first -- Supernatural is back! You had us worried there for awhile, CW, what with taking it off the schedule for long periods of time and not promoting it as much as we'd like. But you seem to have realized what a gem you have on your hands, and we're beyond psyched that we'll get a fourth season.

*dances around like a foooooooooooooooooool*

Not that I EVER doubted my awesome show of awesomeness. It's awesome - it's why they're after them HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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*yawns* Okay I’m awake now. Though still feeling like crap :(

First of all Supernatural. )

*rubs chin in thinky way* hmmmmm I thought that would be quick. Basically just OMG JENSEN TAKE ME NOW. But no. There was meant to be a second of all and so forth (I think, I didn't exactly plan).

So, eh, I’ll make another post about my trip :D SPAAAAAAAAAAAAM
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I don't know what's with the random Supernatural spammage today, but go with it.

I hope everyone's voting on the hour, every hour for the TV_Vote Nomination Poll! Supernatural isn't in the Top 40, so it needs to be nominated to get in there. Thing is? The top nominated show will replace the lowest show on the Top 40 Ballot when it receives one hundred votes more than the lowest show on the Top 40 Ballot. As of yesterday, the top nominated show was Les Filles de Caleb (I don't know) with 33,928. Supernatural is...20th. With *cough*6086*cough* So, eh VOTE DAMMIT!!!

Also, the CW Source is doing a poll to finding out the most anticipated returning show. As I'm posting this, Supernatural is well in the lead with 4535 votes out of 5086. But we want as close to 100% as we can get so keep voting!

Really? I don't know if any of this voting stuff helps it's something for me to do while my mind wanders, BUT, hopefully it'll make some influential people sit up and listen. What's the harm, eh?

Except possible Repetitive Strain Injury from clicking...
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How in the name of Jebus did I miss this UK 'Scary Just Got Sexy' promo for Supernatural Season One? And I gather it's Season One because Constance (the first woman in white, ep 1), the Wendigo (ep 2) and Bloody Mary (ep 5) are in it.

And why does Sam get all the hot HOT HOT sexxin from Constance? And Dean get's Bloody Mary parading around him. Though he is *guh* just standing at the wall like that.....

....oh Jen's Happy PlaceTM, how I've missed you.

I love that song, though not entirely sure if it suits the ad.

So here it is if, like me, you were living under a rock. Enjoy...and oh yes, you will...

You could totally ship Dean and Sam from that ad alone.

icon love

May. 31st, 2007 11:18 pm
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*snort* I made iconzzzzz.

Fangirls shouldn't encourage me.

I have a corresponding animated Sam one if anyone wants :D

ETA: I just realised that people may wonder what this is all about, so go here for the originals!!
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Ok, so I was going to post this on Friday, just like this call to protest at [ profile] innocence_jihad suggests. But I thought, feck it, I'm doing it now.

Two cards for [ profile] spn_secretpost as a reaction to recent events.

FICTIONAL characters, FICTIONAL events to be taken lightly.

The purge... )
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Ok so everyone is pimping this, but it is just amazing. AMAZING. No other words. It gave me shivers. Mostly because of the music but shitgoddamn it is put together so well. Made by [ profile] skeezerbeans1

As [ profile] estrella30 said:

this whole thing works as like, a season 1 and 2 catch up. Like a narrative of the general basic whole plot arc of SPN as we've known it so far, and what's leading up to season 3 (!!!)

It totally works on a fan level to watch all the clips weaving into each other, but I think it would ALSO work as like a "HERE. YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS SHOW BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME CHECK IT OUT" pimping/catch up vid for someone who might *want* to start watching the show.

Enjoy. And by gum you will. Or suffer my wrath. Ok, no that's a lie...


May. 23rd, 2007 11:16 pm
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Ok so can you tell I was on a plane last week!? This is for [profile] ora_vivawho inspired and entertained on that flight :)

It's for an old skool ep, Phantom Traveler. Also, there's a nod to Asylum. Enjoy the stupidness.
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How excited was I when I got post this morning - very because a) I never get post and b)SUPERNATURAL SEASON TWO PART ONE ARRIVED!!!!


So, eh, seeing as how I'm a crazy fangirl, I thought I'd scan it in for those who haven't seen it! Enjoy!

Image heavy, though I kept the pics small enough, but I still doubt it'll be dial-up friendly!

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Seriously, I have to get some sleep.

See the rest of my cards here!
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Saw this fic by [personal profile] maharetron my flist this morning - it's amazing. An apocalyptic Supernatural AU, remix of a fic by [personal profile] mikhale, follow the link on the fic page - it's well worth a read too!

It's the breathing (that's taking all this work) Remix fic

Now I'm going to go look at The Office (I have succumbed to peer-pressure) and possibly make some icons.

Oh, and bees are stupid - they keep flying into the window. Possibly why they have the prefix 'bumble'.

That is all.
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And now for something completely different...
You On Supernatural (for the girls)
LJ Username
Favourite colour?
Dean or Sam?
Mullet rock?
Favourite monster?
You are a small town girl
Your friend grammar_glamour
Was killed by a ghost
You're rescued as this song plays Rock You Like A Hurricane
You get it on with Dean in the forest
Will he actually call you? (8) - As I see it, yes. - (8)
This Quiz by dantanaskywalker - Taken 139 Times.

That is all...for now.
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Yeah, you heard me...

Heh, so this is just a stupid random little secretpost, but I couldn't pass it up!

Screenshot from Hollywood Babylon!

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Right, don't worry, hopefully I won't only be posting postcards now that I'm free from college! It's just goooood to have time to make them again!

This one was inspired by/based on [profile] niannah's beautiful fic, The Only Stop On The Road.

We were talking the other day about how they never expanded on John/Ellen in Supernatural, and definitely killed any possibilities when it turns out he, ya know, killed her husband! This is just what I think happened between them. With a bit of angst thrown in!

lost love )

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I'm soooo tired, too much brainpower used up these past few weeks. But I'm free now, so of course the first steps are peruse LJ and make an spn_secretpost!!


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