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How in the name of Jebus did I miss this UK 'Scary Just Got Sexy' promo for Supernatural Season One? And I gather it's Season One because Constance (the first woman in white, ep 1), the Wendigo (ep 2) and Bloody Mary (ep 5) are in it.

And why does Sam get all the hot HOT HOT sexxin from Constance? And Dean get's Bloody Mary parading around him. Though he is *guh* just standing at the wall like that.....

....oh Jen's Happy PlaceTM, how I've missed you.

I love that song, though not entirely sure if it suits the ad.

So here it is if, like me, you were living under a rock. Enjoy...and oh yes, you will...

You could totally ship Dean and Sam from that ad alone.
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Ok so everyone is pimping this, but it is just amazing. AMAZING. No other words. It gave me shivers. Mostly because of the music but shitgoddamn it is put together so well. Made by [ profile] skeezerbeans1

As [ profile] estrella30 said:

this whole thing works as like, a season 1 and 2 catch up. Like a narrative of the general basic whole plot arc of SPN as we've known it so far, and what's leading up to season 3 (!!!)

It totally works on a fan level to watch all the clips weaving into each other, but I think it would ALSO work as like a "HERE. YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS SHOW BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME CHECK IT OUT" pimping/catch up vid for someone who might *want* to start watching the show.

Enjoy. And by gum you will. Or suffer my wrath. Ok, no that's a lie...

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Oh my. I'm...sorry...I just...I had to.

NOTE: if you need a little pick me up, or need a break from stupid Mars essays (I'm looking at you

[profile] niannah) then watch this! I dunno if people have seen this, but...oh my. I couldn't stop laughing. Give it a chance!!!!




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