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I figured I had better do this as my other welcome note was old and didn’t really make sense!

So howdy! You’re either here wondering who I am and why I’ve friended you, or have somehow stumbled in unawares.

This journal is mostly locked, bar some fandom posts, but that’s not always true as I have a habit of rambling on about RL and fandom in practically every post.

But I love new friends and will friend back unless:

1) We don’t have interests/friends in common and/or I have no idea who you are.
So comment here and tell me how you found me, or who you are.

2) You’re under 18.

If I’ve friended you and I haven’t told you who I am, poke me with a stick and demand I tell you. And I will. Because I like being poked with sticks.

So, if all that’s savvy, come on in, put your feet up and grab a nice hot cup of random.
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Hello all.

If you've found that I've friended you and you wonder "who the hell is this person?", then do not fear! I'm not as [profile] niannah says, 'some randomer' but a friend of hers! See here for verification!!!! She has gotten me hooked on lj, but I am just a beginner and looking for some people to add to my flist!

I've been meaning to do this since I started this fabulous addiction, but I'm lazy! So sorry if you've seen the post before and have been waiting patiently for me to get my ass in gear!!

If you aren't a friend of niannah, and have either been friended by me or have wandered aimlessly in here, well then hello too! Hope you're looking for a new friend!!

Welcome to the randomness that is me!!!


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